Notarizing and Commissioning Signatures

Carol and David are Notary Publics which gives them international authority to notarize your signature. This means swearing you to the truth of the information in the document, and providing notarial copies (certified true copies) of original documents.

Rose is a Commissioner of Oaths for the Province of Ontario, and has the authority to commission your signature which means swearing you to the truth of the information in the document and providing certified true copies of original documents.

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Preparation of Documents/Letters as Required

Preparation of documents and letters as required and providing notarial and/or commissioning of these documents and signatures.

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Notarizing Travel Consent Letters

Preparation and attending to the notarizing of the signature of the consenting parent(s) or guardian(s) for a Travel Consent letter required in order to travel with minor children beyond Canadian borders.

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Rates and Fees

Please see the page with our Rates and Fees on this site.

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