• Company Policy
  • Personal Information
  • Safeguarding your Personal Information
  • Client Identification and Verification
  • Financial Policy


Company Policy

It is our aim to establish a sound working relationship based on trust and cooperation. To accomplish this, it is important for you to know, understand, and follow established rules and policies that affect you and our office.

We are providing this notice and consent to explain how we treat personal information, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone numbers, personal history, age, financial information, etc.


Personal Information

As part of our relationship with you, throughout the course of your business with us, Carol Struthers may collect, use and disclose personal information such as name, address, telephone numbers, etc. to:

  • Identify you
  • Understand your needs
  • Provide you with ongoing services
  • Establish & maintain communication
  • Respond to your needs and questions
  • Provide services that meet your needs
  • Investigate and evaluate
    legal issues
  • Determine your legal position
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Share, as reasonably required with:

  • Banking & mortgage companies
  • Employers
  • Financial & investment companies
  • Actuaries
  • Government agencies & employees
  • Insurance companies

    Safeguarding your Personal Information

    At Carol Struthers Law Office, maintaining the security of your personal information is a top priority. Only authorized personnel have access to your information. Our procedures and practices are designed to ensure that reasonable security measures are followed to protect against unauthorized access.


    Client Identification and Verification

    Law Society Client Identification and Verification Requirements

    On October 31, 2008 the Law Society enacted a by-law to enhance public protection by requiring lawyers to identify and verify clients to assist in the prevention of potential fraudulent or criminal activities. The by-law requires the lawyer to obtain client identification when retained to provide professional services to a client, which includes the name, address, telephone number, occupation, and corporate information, if the client is a business or company. This includes driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, articles of incorporation and partnership agreement. We are required to keep a record of the information and documents obtained and to make them available to the Law Society for the purpose of ensuring compliance.

    Law Society of Upper Canada website http://www.lsuc.on.ca for more information.


    Financial Policy

    Our office policy regarding billing and payments is as follows:

    • Our consultations with Carol Struthers are billed at the rate of $400.00/hr plus HST, which is prorated according to the time actually spent with you. This amount is to be paid the day of the appointment, immediately following the consultation. A retainer fee will also be discussed during the appointment should you decide to retain our firm.

    • Our policy regarding accounts for ongoing matters is that payment is due within 30 days of the appointment to avoid accruing interest.

    • Also, for your convenience we accept VISA, MasterCard, Interac, cheques and cash. We do not accept American Express.

    • For matters that require travel the rate is $100.00/hr plus HST.

    • For work done by law clerks on your behalf, the rate is $200.00/hr plus HST.



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